Frequently Asked Questions about Fall Classes

First of all, What about COVID 19?  Be assured, I  thoroughly sanitize the chairs, tables, sink area and supplies before and after every class. We will begin by washing hands at the sink. If you want your child to wear a mask, that is no problem. I usually don't wear a mask while instructing but may wear one while walking around looking at the student's work. I do not require the students to wear a mask. If your child is sick or if someone in your home is exposed to Covid 19, I can make arrangements to give you the materials needed to do the work at home for a couple of weeks. I had Covid 19 last fall and have been vaccinated as well. Hopefully we will ALL stay healthy by eating well, resting well and washing our hands a lot!


1.  How many students are in each session?  Only SIX. It’s a lot of personal attention and instruction.

2.  Are art supplies included?  Yes - we have plenty of supplies on hand. If your child has a personal item that they would like to draw (or paint etc.) which will be well suited to this type of class, there will be a week or two for that. Class supplies stay in the studio.

3.  If my child misses a day, can he/she make it up?

I might be able to provide a make-up day &/or will provide emailed instructions and some limited supplies for the students to make up the lesson at home. 

4.  Where are classes held? Classes are held in my home studio in Woodland Hills, Utah. Upon registration/payment, I will email you my address.

5.  Will you provide a snack?  No. Due to the time frame, please make sure your child has eaten a snack before arriving to class. Please, no snacks in the studio. 

6.  Will my child's clothes get dirty? Not too dirty but we will work with charcoal and black ink during part of the drawing & printmaking classes and of course, paint, glue, water-based ink etc. for the multimedia class . I have plenty of smocks which they are encouraged to use. 

7.  Are you licensed and insured?  Yes, I am licensed through the city of Woodland Hills and insured through American Family Insurance with a special endorsement for lessons in the home.

8.  Will my child ever be left alone with you? No. I have a strict policy that the first student to arrive must wait on the front porch until the second or more students arrive. Last two students to leave must go together.

9.  Can my child bring their phones or other electronic devices?  To promote creative productivity, I request that phones be placed in a basket at the studio door. (I realize some students prefer to listen to music with headphones, BUT, unless it is a serious anxiety issue, please encourage them to enjoy the background music I provide.) I will also be giving instructions and making comments off and on that need to be heard. If you urgently need to get in touch with your student, feel free to call them on their phone as I usually do not check my phone during class time.

10. How do I sign up & pay you? Please call me (preferable) or text to sign up. I prefer check, cash or Venmo (@Keri-V-Skousen). If you need to make monthly payments, please call to arrange that. Please note - due to limited studio space/enrollment, if you need to cancel your child's enrollment after the semester begins, I am not able to provide a refund unless you get a paying substitute student. I realize children have many interests that can overlap, plus Covid 19 makes life unpredictable, but this policy is in place to keep the art supplies stocked as well as respecting my time. Thank you for understanding.

Any more questions, please feel free to text or call