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Frequently Asked Questions:


1.  How many students are in each session? Only SIX; it’s a lot of personal attention and instruction.

2.  Are art supplies included?  Yes - we will have plenty of supplies on hand, plus we will gather objects in nature as well to draw or paint as well as incorporate into our sculpture project.  However, if your child has something fun, creative, or special to them, that you think will be well suited to the camp, they are welcome to bring it along.

3.  If my child misses a day, can he/she make it up?  I have found that make-up days rarely work out but I am always open to help make that happen so let's talk about it.

4.  What if it rains?  If it's a bit cloudy everywhere, it can rain in Woodland Hills even when it’s not raining in the valley.  Your child should bring a light raincoat or hoodie for our hike.

5.  Does my child need a hat?  Yes, for the outdoor "Plein Air" painting session on Wednesday.  Please have them wear a hat with a brim to shield their eyes, such as a baseball cap, sun visor, or gardening hat.

5.  Are flip flops ok?  No, please have your child wear tennis shoes.

6.  Will you provide a snack?  No. Due to personal preferences, allergies, etc, please provide your own snack for your child. We will have a break time in the middle for snacks and water.

7.  Will my child's clothes get dirty?  Possibly. I have Men's XL shirts for smocks, but they should not wear their nice clothes in case they don’t want to wear a smock.

8.  Are you licensed and insured?  Yes, I am licensed through the city of Woodland Hills and insured through American Family Insurance with a special endorsement for art lessons in the home.

9.  Can my child bring their phones or other electronic devices? Either I or the students may use devices to look up sources, etc. but to promote creative productivity, I highly encourage phones be placed in a basket at the studio door. When we are casual with this standard, I find that students end up glancing at their phones more than needed and waste focused time.

Any more questions, please feel free to text or call!  801-836-5418

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